The five time Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi is back in the national squad and he will face brazil in their next world cup qualification match  and the Argentine coach thinks that  Brazil will afraid about him.


The 28 year old Argentine forward who plays in the Brazilian league with Atlético Mineir,he thinks the Brazilian defensive blockers will be afraid of Messi.

 In Thursday the five time world cup winner Brazil will face the two time world cup winner Argentine in the world cup qualifying match at Belo Horizonte.

Before this match Argentina is facing some kind of pressure because currently they are sitting at the sixth at the table and five points behind form the Brazil who are sitting at the zenith position of the table but the forward thinks that now they have Messi in their squad and it will create a huge impact in their squad.

"They know that Leo is very tough. They are a little scared," Pratto.

"Or maybe more than a little."

In the absence of Messi Argentina lost their matches against Paraguay and draws their match with Peru and Venezuela, the little argentine captain miss those matches because of his injury, but now he is fully fit to play his match against Brazil. 

Former Barcelona star and Lionel Messi’s former club mate Dani Alves added that-

"Fear doesn't exist in football. There's a mutual respect," he told a news conference.

"It's the same that there's an overall respect for Messi and for the Argentina national team.

"It's just like I believe that there's respect for our players and for our national team as well.

"So we are going to look to have a good game and continue our growth within the competition no matter who is on the other team."