The Juventus defender believes that as a team they are much matured now than the Barcelona squad since their last European game with the Catalan side.


The Juventus center back avouched that his side is ready to take avenge against the Barcelona when they will clash against each other in the Champions league quarter-final.

Tow season ago Juventus reached the Champions league final after 2003 but a quest for the third European title was demolished by the Barcelona squad in that final.

The Barcelona squad defeated them by the 3-1 goal in the final.
After that, the two sides never met against each other but the two European giants will clash in against each other on the Champions league quarter final in both the legs.

The Zebre defender believes that they are now a much stronger side than and their counterpart does not have that quality what they had two years back.

He said: "I never watched back the final from 2015," 

"It will be a different game this time around because our defense has become even stronger. And Barcelona is perhaps not as strong as in 2015, even if they are still a great team.

"We have maybe lost a bit of physical strength in midfield compared to 2015 with the departure of Arturo Vidal and Paul Pogba, but we have more quality. And we have matured a lot since then.

"For Barcelona, Neymar has really made a step up, Javier Mascherano has gotten two years older indefence and Ivan Rakitic has matured in midfield.

"We both have a great defence, but I think ours is better, even if we both play differently."