Best yet to come from Ronaldo and Dybala: Allegri

Football News: Juventus gaffer Allegri believes that his two-star players can play alongside Mario Mandzukic to great effect.

Allegri believes that Ronaldo and Dybala can build a great partnership for Juventus.

The Juventus manager feels that the 33 years old Portuguese and the Argentine star man can forge a strong partnership for the Old Lady side, he thinks this pair can improve their impressive display on their 2-0 win over their Serie A contender Bologna.

Last night the Argentine star Dybala opened the scoring for the Juventus side and then the 33-year-old made an assist for Matuidi for the second one, after the match the manager praised about his team’s attacking display.

Last night the Allegri dropped the Croatian striker and put Dybala with the 33-year-old Pronged attacker, but he fells from this duo can also get effective with the Croatian star as well.

After the match, he stated: "Paulo [Dybala] had a good game as he did in Frosinone. It's normal he needs to grow.

"They [Ronaldo and Dybala] played a good match tonight. The more they play together and the better they know each other, I think there is room for improvement.

"I think playing with the three in front and Mandzukic in the middle makes both plays better."

Allegri also accolades about the 37-year-old veteran defender  Andrea Barzagli and along with his their right back Joao Cancelo whos overlap cause problem for Bologna.

He added: "Unfortunately Barzagli is 37,"

"He is a different class of defender.

"Cancelo has the qualities to become the best full-back in the world."

"There's a lot of compliments for what the boys did," added the coach, who must prepare his side to face title rivals Napoli in Turin on Saturday.

"In the first half the team was in charge of the pitch, we filled the pitch better than in the second half.

"We were more vulnerable and we played a few risky balls. We have to improve in this."