Brazil football players-All time Best Xi

When we talk about international football, no other country is bigger than the South American giants Brazil, with five world cup accolades Brazil has got an unmatched prestige in this football galaxy.

The South American giants are the team who also people recognized as the greatest footballing nation in the world, because of their dominance and their style of play.

They are the only team who has won five FIFA world cups, and for claiming that sort of achievement the kind of players they have produced in these years is the trendsetter in this beautiful game.

From their catchy names to their charismatic style of play, these players are not the only heroes for their respective country but they have admirer from all around the world,Now let’s see who can make it when it comes to the All-time best Brazil football players list.

Here we present the best Brazil football players of all time:

Gilmar: Gilmar got selected for the goalkeeper of the 20th century, and he has represented the Brazil national team in the 1958 and 1962 and won the cup in 1958 with the Legendary Pele, many say he is the best goalkeeper Brazil has ever produced, and with his enormous achievements he made it to the all-time best XI of Brazil football players list.

In his club level also he was an accompanied by Pele in Santos and both of them have all the challenges and accolades which came their way, Including five national championship, two International cups against the Giants like Benfica and Milan.

Domingos Da Guia: The centre half is not well known in this football world, he represented Brazil from 1930 to 1940 Era before the Selecao ever won the world cup trophy.

Though he is a omnipotent person in the history of Brazil football, he is regarded as one of the best defender for the history of Brazilian giants like Flamengo and Corinthians.

Carlos Alberto:  He is one of the threatening right-back ever in the Brazilian history, he was on the player who the cup in 1970 Chile, he also earned the spot of World team of 20th Century.

He is kind of player who has the rare elegance and even more a true measure leader who leads the defence from the back, in his career he stood out for them each and every team he played for and got the spot in the all-time best XI of Brazil football players list.

Cafu: The most capped player of Brazil all-time Cafu has made himself in all-time best XI of Brazil football players list, he has earned 142 caps for this football fanatic country, and he is considered one of the greatest full back of the game.

He was the stalwart of his country and he is the only player in the country who appearances in three consecutive world cups for Selecao and won 1994 and 2002 world cup, in his club level also he has won several accolades with the Italian giants Milan, trophies like Champions league, Serie A titles which makes him one of the most decorated players of this game.

Rivelino: One of the most creative midfielders of all time in the south America content, beating many luminaries from his nation he has made in the list of Brazil football players all-time great lists.

Rivelino is famous for his accurate passing for his game reading and his lightning free-kicks, he is considered to have one of the most masculine boots in the football history, he is the pioneer of the flip flop skill which often another Brazilian ace Ronaldinho used to do.

He is the member of star-studded Brazilian squad of the 1970 world cup which many believe is the best ever Brazilian squad of all time in their history, he was got his name in the team of the tournament as they lifted the world cup in that year.

Socrates: The famous medical doctor, Socrates got the all-time best XI of Brazil football players list, he was the prodigy in the Brazilian squad and got the strength and vision as a midfielder and whilst he is the only player who indulges himself in heavy smoking and drinking.

In 1982 world cup he built up a formidable team in the center of the pitch with Zico, Falcao, and Eder, leading the team which many says was the best team not to claim the world cup gong.

After the 1982 world cup, he got also featured in the 1986 world cup and scored two goals for his country; in 1983 he was named the South American footballer of the year award,His passing in 2011 was met with the national mourning in the nation of Brazil as he was one of Brazil’s most beloved sons.

Ronaldinho:  one of the most flamboyant personality in this football world, Ronaldinho was an exceptional talent, At his pick form very few footballers can claim the prodigious skill and ability.

In his club level with Barcelona he was undisputed, and single-handedly won many trophies with the Catalan giants, and won FIFA player of the year award and as well as Ballon d’Or, and he is one of the greatest players ever to set foot in the hallowed of Barcelona turf.

In his international career, he was instrumental in guiding Brazil to the world cup final partnering with Ronaldo,His magical abilities have earned him the slot in all-time best XI of Brazil football players list.

ZICO: Another member of the 1982 and 86 squad Zico has earned all-time best XI of Brazil football players list, he is one of the most creative playmakers of this beautiful game of football has ever seen.

He was famous for his impeccable passing skills and  for his free kicks but also has a prolific goal scorer in his career,  he has racked up 500 goals in his lesser than 700 games for his club side, and in selecao jerseys he has 48 goals in his 71 matches which makes him country’s fourth-highest goalscorer.

At his international level, he failed to win any single award for his country though featured in three world cups including the 1982 world cup, though there was no shortage of his individual awards which he has won in club levels.

Ronaldo: The former Barcelona, Inter, Madrid and AC Milan man came closer to the legendary Brazilian Pele to exploits in Brazilian jersey.

There are many football pundits that believe that a fully fit Ronaldo is the player to have in the football pitch to have and hardly anyone would want to argue on that.

The Phenomenon burst in clubs with the Big guns of the European football which earned him a spot in the Brazilian squad of 1994 world cup, but his presence felt in the starting xi from the world cup of 1998 where he suffered injury problems the night before the final against France and was short of his best as France lifted the first world cup in their history.

In 2002 he becomes the top scorer for his country in the world cup and scored two crucial goals in the final against Germany and hoisted the world cup trophy for the first time with Brazil,With the plethora of trophies and recognition, he earned the spot in the all-time best XI of Brazil football players list.

Garrincha: The Angle with the bent Leg Garrincha the great has earned the spot in all-time best XI of Brazil football players list, early days he overcomes his spinal defect his uneven leg and bent in shape to become one of the most technical players in the football history.

Garrincha came to the fore at the same time Pele did for Brazil in 1958, while in the 1958 world cup where Pele become the poster boy of the squad, he got the attention and led Brazil four years letter in Chile while Pele miss the tournament due to injury.

He used to play as a right-winger for the Selecao team, as many say he has got the immense skill to beat any defender with his dazzling array of skills,In his private life, he was alcoholic and died at the age of 49 because of his irregularity and drinking habits and in his life, he married twice and has 14 children.

Pele: The King of Brazilian football Pele, he is the model for every whom up in this football world, he boasts an array of recognition and record which is too long to list and take this beautiful game to the new level.

At the age of 17, he won the first world cup and soon he declared as a national treasure so that he could not move to any European side,The Brazilian legend has the highest No. of 1.281 no of goals in his career which is highest recognized by FIFA, In the Mexico world cup, he spearheads the most competitive squad in Brazilian history.

At the club level also he has won 40 gongs with his club Santos and because of his presence, the club becomes one of the most iconic clubs at that moment in the world.