The La Liga side will be headed towards the territory of the Manchester United side but the Celta coach does not believe that his players would be overawed.


The Head coach of Celta Vigo said that the Celta Vigo players respect Manchester United side but they do not fear them as they are ready to face them in the Europa league semi final.

In the previous round the Celta Vigo side eliminated the Genk side from the Europa league and now they are ready to take down the EPL giants but the before this match they had faced consecutive three La Liga defeats.

But the Celta Vigo side can take consolation from Manchester United’s dark record of just only two wins in their 22 previous visits to Spain.

The head coach of Celta voiced: "Rather than feared, I would say United are respected,"

"We have played against great teams in this Europa League, but Man United are definitely one of the greatest.

"How do we win? By being faithful to who we are. The team has a clear identity, they believe in it – possession, attacking quickly – and the only way to beat United is to be faithful to who we are.

"United change according to the rival they play against and we have to be ready for that, but we will win with identity, conviction and heart and hope that United's statistic stays as it is – two wins in Spain."

Today in Celta’s attacks the former Manchester City attacker John Guidetti will lead them and alongside with him the former Liverpool attacker Iago Aspas will be there.

He added: "Iago has experienced personal maturity and that is the difference, which is more than my influence on him,"

"He has really assumed leadership of the team and playing on the right really liberates him.

"That enables him to combine better with the central forwards and become an important player for us."