Celta Vigo supremo Berizzo believes his crew’s performance in the Old Trafford may have warranted a spot in the Europa league final.


Eduardo Berizzo believes last night his team showcased wonderful display against the Manchester United side and they deserve a spot in the Europa league final.

Manchester United side was lucky to reach the final of the Europa league final after their 1-1 draw against the Celta side in their own home soil.

In that match, Manchester United defender Eric Bailly and Facundo Roncaglia from Celta Vigo saw red card later on.

Marouane Fellaini scored the opening goal of the match and after his goal, everyone thought Manchester United side will ease past Celta to the final but after Roncaglia’s goal Manchester United side face baptism of fire in the last few minutes.

In the dying minutes, John Guidetti had a golden opportunity to secure their spot in the 24th may Europa league final but he wasted the opportunity.

Berizzo voiced after the match: "It was a great opportunity as it was right at the end but we created half-chances right throughout the game,"

"We played really well and reduced them to one chance, from which they scored. We had a lot of possession, played exactly as we wanted to play. With all the effort we put in, it was a great shame not to reach the final.

"Football's full of drama. You learn from defeats and turn them into victories down the line.

"I couldn't be more proud of my players. They covered every blade of grass and the connection they made with the fans who travelled from Galicia, I'm proud of all that.

"I think, when you analyse it in the cold light of day, it will confirm what I thought about my team all season. We were brave and we fought to the end and I'm proud of them.

"We performed much better here than United did in the first leg. It's a good way to compare the performances. Given that, we perhaps deserved to go through.

"I'm gratified by many things I saw. The fact that we played better here than they did in Balaidos gives us the advantage in overall performance.

"We left everything out there. We couldn't have played any better, I don't think. Given the huge gap on every level between the two clubs, I think with our fight and spirit we managed to bridge that gap.

"Even through the bitterness of defeat, when you settle down then you learn from the bad experience of defeat."