Belgium will look Brazil in the eye: Kompany

Football News: Despite the individual qualities the South American giants Brazil has, the veteran Belgium defender is not losing any sleep over facing the Samba boys.

Belgium has locked their horns for Brazil match.

Brazil has won their match pretty comfortably against Mexico, and on the other hand, Belgium struggled a bit against Japan in their round of 16 games and won it on the 94th minute.

But in the aftermath, the Belgium manager Roberto Martinez avouches that right now his side has nothing to fear about facing Brazil in the quarter-final, and added that it would suit his side not to be considered as favourites.

The Manchester City man who made his 2018 world cup debut with the Japan match has just reverberated his manager’s thought.

Kompany voiced: "Individually, Brazil are the strongest team in this World Cup,"

"That is a compliment but it doesn't affect our chances against them. None of us are going to sleep at night thinking we have already lost to Brazil.

"Defensively they are solid, they win all their defensive duels and in attack, they are not scared to take people on one on one. They always have a key to unlock any situation.

"We are going to look them in the eye. But if we make this a match of individuals, then we'll lose.

"If it becomes a match of individual performances we've got no chance. If we play as a team, if we fight for each other, we can do it and that's what matters to me."