This season the German star is in not good shape as he only netted three goals for his side in 18 emergences for the club and everyone speculating that he might off to Manchester United this season.


Bayern Munich can never sell their attacker Thomas Muller to any club because according to the Fans and to the Clubs official he is a part of Bayern’s DNA.

This season the World Cup winner is suffering the worst season so far in his carrier under the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti and this term he has only scored three goals for him team in all the competitions.

Everyone is speculating that this January transfer window the 27 year old German could leave Bayern and join the Manchester United site for 85m.
And there were questions around that if this season the new Italian boss will benched the attacked as hi is not capable of delivering the performance that everyone is expecting from him or he will give him more chances to.

But still he is in a good form or not he is still the most favorite player among the Bayern fans.

Former minister of Bavaria Edmund Stoiber speaks that:

"No one on the Supervisory Board would vote to sell. It should not happen that Thomas Muller plays at Manchester United,"

"Muller is the 'boy next door'. He is the opposite of, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo. He is more than just an excellent footballer. A player like him is part of our DNA. He plays an important role at the club. Muller not only creates emotions with his goals, he talks to the fans hearts."

In 2015 the Reigning German Champions let go their midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger to join the Manchester United.

When the Hierarchy made the decision that they are ready to sell the Schweinsteiger then many other club officials and other Fans were unhappy with the Decision.

Stoiber added:

"When Bastian Schweinsteiger went to Manchester United, the fans were not happy,"

"The members and fans, however, would never forgive us if we sell Thomas Muller. No matter how much money."