Barcelona star Lionel Messi changed his mind after he was advised by Argentina coach Edgardo Bauza



The Barcelona star announced his retirement after he missed his penalty against Chile in Euro 2016, fans and others were shocked to see the reaction of the player. Some orthodox reports say that Messi called for a retirement to avoid criticisms as the star desired to come back after he was advocated by Argentina head coach Edgardo Bauza.


After the superstar’s announcement of his retirement, Coach Bauza brough in Gerardo Martino as a replacement in the team but wanted Messi to join sooner or later.


Bauza claims that he did not go to bring Messi back but wanted to have a casual talk with him.


"I went [to speak to Messi] not to convince, I went to talk football," told Bauza to La Nacion.


"We were almost two hours talking about football and naturally it came out [from that] that he would be on the list.


"I told him that in Argentina there are 100 idiots, who speak and criticise, but I told him that people want much, and if you are still heeding 100 idiots who criticise, you would go crazy.


"Then came this statement, which I found very natural, and that tells you about his desire to be in the selection and win something with the national team.


"Having the best in the world does not guarantee you'll win the game, but you are guaranteed a great threat to the opponent. We need to better take advantage of Messi.


"I imagine him in two or three positions, something we already talked about with him, but let's see. It depends on the team.


"He has that pressure naturally by who he is. And he knows it. And we all know that when the ball goes through him, he can make something different happen. But we need help from the team." concluded the head coach.