Last night the former Catalan boss saw his former star player scored thrice against his team and his newly signed goalkeeper’s sent off but he persist that it is the not worst thing that he had ever faced.

The 45 year Spanish coach says that after the match that a defeat to the Camp Nou by 4-0, it is not the worse of his walks of life.

On Wednesday Barcelona pulverize their opponents by beating them 4-0,the MSN trio did the work for them, Messi scored a hat trick against his former club manager so does Neymar scored one for them which was set up by the Argentine.

In the first half former Barcelona goalkeeper who joined Manchester City few months ago he was sent off that cost Manchester City, and in the second half a Barcelona defender Jeremy Mathieu was sent off.

In 2014 when the Spaniard was with the Bayern Munich they were defeated by the Real Madrid by 4-0, he is stating that game humiliated him more than this game.

"The worst defeat of my career was with Bayern against Madrid," he said.

"It was the whole situation and the mistakes I made with the starting line-up."

"Last time with Bayern [in 2014] we didn't create chances but today we did, we created chances to score one or two goals," he said.

"But Barca can punish you, they have a lot of quality. We controlled, except the goal."