Barca: Messi Used To Make Me Suffer-Valverde

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Lionel Messi News says that last night the Argentine superstar tormented the Juventus side in their Champions league match and now the Barca Coach is glad finally he can enjoy his skill.

The New Barca Head coach Ernesto Valverde is now enjoying being on the right side of the Barca superstar Lionel Messi, after seeing Messi thrashing the Juventus side in the group stage round and established an extensive win over them by 3-0 goals.

This season Barcelona appointed Valverde as their new manager as former Barcelona manager Luis Enrique step down from his job, Valverde has a great experience in his coaching career he led Espanyol, Villarreal, Valencia and Athletic Bilbao.

Lionel Messi news says that over that period Messi has been opulent for the Barca side over that period and also last night under Valverde he was rich against Juventus and scored a brace against them.

After the Match Valverde said: "With Leo Messi, the feeling you have is that something good will always happen for us,"

"I suffered a lot when I had to face him as a coach but now I get to enjoy him. He's involved in everything.

"The first goal just before the break changed everything. We were about to finish the first half and we had some problems because the rival was making it difficult for us.

"Nobody saw the gap and he found it, but Iemphasise the involvement of Messi from all points of view.

"He is one of the best players in the history of the club, it is normal to talk about him. He also has a great tactical understanding."