Barca: Messi convinced me to join Barcelona- Paulinho


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 Former Barcelona duo Messi and Neymar both of them played their part to convince the Brazilian midfielder Paulinho to join the Barca side, though there were doubts whether he would make the grade or not.

Newly Joined Barca man Paulinho Reveals that Messi asked him to join Barcelona during a friendly match between Brazil and Argentina.

This season the former Tottenham player was a surprise acquisition by the Barcelona team.

This season the Brazilian midfielder has made a strong start of his life at Barcelona after joining from Guangzhou, so far this season he has scored three goals for the Barca team and managed to gain the faiths of other Barcelona teammates and from the fans.

Paulinho voiced: "It was in the friendly in Australia. I had a free-kick, I and Willian were standing over the ball,"

"I was over the ball just to stand there, Willian was going to take it. Messi was far away. When Willian took aim I stepped back, he came over and said, 'Let's go to Barcelona'.

"I heard him and said, 'If you want to take me there, I'm going.' I mean, he is the best in the world and you hear words like that, it makes you happy, it makes you feel confident.

"Whatever the circumstances, playing alongside the best in the world is something I can tell my kids about. At that point I almost fell flat on my face but I kept playing!"

Though this season Neymar joins the French capital side Paris Saint Germain but Paulinho still says that Neymar plays a big part in his move to Barcelona.

He added: "We spoke quite a bit when negotiations with Barcelona started,"

"He always used to say, 'You could come here, you're going to like it, you'll be happy. It's great here.' Of course he was always trying to make that true. It would be amazing for me to play with him at Barcelona, with all these great players."