Barca: Barcelona would consider La Liga Exit-Bartomeu


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Barcelona present acknowledged the chances of leaving the Spanish premier division when Catalonia gets their independence from Spain.

Josep Maria Bartomeu the Barca president said that the club would ready to argue over leaving the La Liga if the Catalonia gets their independence.

This Sunday the referendum for the Catalonia Independence was canker by the Police and on that same day, Barca side plays their home game against Las Palmas behind the closed doors.

The Barca president said that Barcelona’s future in La Liga needs to be discussed if Catalonia indulges their demand.

He said: "This situation does not exist so far,"

"But with regards to things that can happen in the future, it is something that the board of directors would discuss. It would be something to analyse calmly.

"If we discuss the subject intensely then obviously we will find the best solution. But if this [independence] happens, the board of directors will see."

Real Madrid side won the La Liga title for the most No of 33 times and right behind them, Barcelona won the La Liga 24 times.