Carlos Bacca will not leave San Siro till the club regains it’s former position



Carlos Bacca pledges that he will be staying in San Siro till his club reaches the top position among the other European clubs. The Milan striker had connection with many transfers in past few weeks and declared that many clubs from England, Italy, Spain, Germany and France wanted to land him.


West Ham led the race to sign the Colombian international as Bacca kept telling that he will not leave San Siro and desires to play in the Champions League.  Vincenzo Montella's team did not upskill for the European competition in the last term but still Bacca wants to remain in the club to take them to the top.


"A lot has been said, clubs being interested in me or making offers for me," said Bacca to Milan TV.


"The truth is that I had not taken any decision. I'm happy here with the group, working and trying to prepare myself for the first game in the best way I can.


"I'm very confident for the upcoming season, with a coach who likes to play with the ball and play with purpose. I like that, because this way I could get two or three chances a game.


"Europe? It's one of the reasons I came, because I thought I was going to a team that could play in the Champions League.


"But then I think about it with a cool head, and when I decided to leave Sevilla it was because I wanted to bring Milan back to the top and I won't leave until I've done that.


"I'm an ambitious player. I couldn't reach the Champions League in my first year, but I hope to experience it soon. I'm glad I stayed at Milan and I like playing in a team like this." added the striker.