The Gabonese professional footballer and Dortmund superstar scored 16 goals in his 15 matches for the German outfit so far in these season and former Bayern Munich legend believes that he is worth much more than Pogba.


According to the former German international believes that Gabonese international is the most expensive player in the world.

Back in 2013 the 27 year old international joins the German outfit Dortmund from the French side Saint- Etienne in 2013, and after that he established himself as an instrumental player for them.

Few years back Robert Lewandowski Joins the Bayern Munich side from Dortmund side after that the French born striker became their main man in front of goals and he has became more subversive for them.

In the last season he has netted 25 goals in his 31 matches for the BVB side and in this season so far he has scored 16 goals for them and right now he is the top goal scorer in the Bundesliga.

But still Dortmund is sitting at the fourth position with 27 points and they are now nine points aback from the league leaders Bayern Munich.

Many big European clubs are after him and former Inter Milan player Lothar Matthaus believes that if Dormund decide to sell him they should out for a bigger fee than 105m.

Manchester United paid 105m for Pogba in the earlier season and Matthaus thinks he deserves more than pogba.

In sport Blind he wrote that: “If a player like Pogba costs €105m, Dortmund would have to get €150m for Aubameyang,”

“He is a player who makes the difference. Pogba does not.

"Aubameyang has developed a lot and cannot be put off by anything. I hope we see him for a long time in the Bundesliga."

The Dortmund player reveals that he has dream to play for Real Madrid.
Matthaus voiced: "Real has a close connection with my family,"

"The media is doing too much [speculation]. It's a childhood dream. But, as I always said, I play at Dortmund and I'm glad to be there and it's really good for me.

"And I don't even know if Madrid really wants me. If Real comes one day, then that's good. Otherwise, life goes on. This is not a problem."