The Spaniard is know that how well managed Diego simeone’s back four are and keen to take a revenge after last time they mate they losing out to them.

The 25 year old midfielder that they will face the best defensive side in the world that is Atletico Madrid, but he thinks that they will overcome them in Wednesday champions league match against them.

Diego Simeone’s side proved their defensive metal by defeating Bayern in the champions league semifinals, when there is another Spaniard is in the charge at the Bayern.

But Thaigo believes that now the Italian have taken the place of the spanierd, and they have learnt plenty of things form their defeat and now they wants to leave Vicente Calderon with all the points.

"I am really looking forward to the game. Atletico reached the final last year," Thiago said at a news conference.

"We know from playing them in the semi-finals how they play. We know their strengths and their weakness. We have to deploy all our weapons against them. They defend better than us, better than Barcelona, better than any other team in the world.

"We’re not thinking about revenge for last season, it is a different game. It's a group-stage game so it will be less emotional than a semi-final.
"It's important for us to win the away games, or at least take home as many points as possible."