The 67 year old French football coach and Arsenal manager believes that in the upcoming years, many Heavyweights would love to join the Indian Super League.


The 67 year old manager believes that like China, India will also attract the footballer’s player to join their league, though it will take years for them to compete against English premier league which is the most popular league in the world.

In this season the Chinese Super League made some outrageous bid to Diego Costa, Karim Benzema and Edinson Cavani.

And in this season they lure Oscar from Chelsea to Shanghai SIPG.

The French manager believes that the big player always tries to play with the big teams in the big league and they do not go for money.

Wenger added: “You do not create a top league just like that. “When you want to be a football player your first aspiration is to play in the best league with the best players. After that, you want to combine playing in the best league with the best players for the maximum amount of money. That combination is best in England right now. But professional football in England was created 150 years ago. And we still struggle, you know. I believe it’s a slow process of creating a football culture.

He expresses his situation with China and India to when he was the head coach of Nagoya Grampus (Japanese club) where he was the coach at 1995.

The Frenchman added: “In China it’s new. I know that situation well because, when I went to Japan in 1995, professional football had only been in existence for three years. You expect reflexes from people that aren’t there; the culture of professional football is not there. So it will take time. But China has moved forward. It tries to promote football and I’m happy that football has become popular in China. I also expect India to come to the game too you know. I hope it will happen.”

“Overall the players have everything today to be more happy than 20 years ago, never mind 40,” Wenger said. “They are treated very well, they have a fantastic income. They have freedom of movement which we didn’t have. The danger is that players start asking for money that’s unrealistic in the Premier League. If Chinese wages become the benchmark then you cannot compete with that. But we do not know whether, in 10 years’ time, China will still be doing it. Sometimes, if it’s a political decision, that can change,”