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Marcos Alonso scored the first goal in today’s match against Arsenal.


The 67 year old Frenchman thinks that the first goal that is scored by the Spaniard Marcos Alonso is 100 percent foul, and it should have been disallowed by the match officials.

Today the Blues thrashed the Gunners by 3-1 goal at Stamford Bridge and they put one step closer to win this season’s EPL trophy.

Chelsea took the lead in that match on 13th minute when the 26 year old Spaniard scored the goal for them to a sublime head.

After that Chelsea holds the grip of that match and in the second half the Belgium international Hazard scored the second goal for them in the 53rd minute and five minutes before the full time the former Arsenal man Fabregas scored the third goal for the Blues,

For Arsenal Giroud scored the consolation goal in the dying minutes.
In that match the 26 the year Spaniard Marcos Alonso made a ruff tackle on Arsenal full back Bellerin that tackle left the Arsenal man browned.

And for that he was substituted during the match.

After the match the Arsenal head coach voiced: "The first goal was a 100 per cent foul,"

"Then Chelsea can counter attack and they do that very well. They are very organised and are quick on the counter attack.

"We had a good start but we wasn't clinical enough with our opportunities."

"That is sometimes the impression you have when one team makes 10 passes to be dangerous and the other team plays on the counter attack. They have powerful players and Hazard's goal typifies it.

"They looked more powerful,"

"I don't question the resilience – it all went a little bit against us.

"On the first goal we made a tactical mistake and on the second goal we was a bit naive."