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Last night the Gunner faced a defeat in the English premier league by Everton and the Arsenal player’s attitude was questionable in that match.


It's been a frustrating night all around – but there's a long way to go yet

And there's no way we're giving up#WeAreArsenal

— Arsenal FC (@Arsenal) December 13, 2016

This season the Gunners lost their match last night Everton, in the beginning of the season they faced a defeat after that it was their second defeat last night, in the first half their main man Sanchez gave them a crucial one goal lead but Coleman scored the equalizer in the 44 th minutes and in the 86 th minutes Ashley Williams guided the ball to the Arsenal net and earned all the three points for his side.

The French manager Wenger said in the post match conference that it is not because of the Attitudes of the players.

But many differ with him as they concede a late goal in the 86 th minutes from the corner.

The French Manager told to soccer special that:

"The attitude of Arsenal hasn't been right this evening apart from the first 10 minutes,"

"For the winning goal, there was nobody on either post and Petr Cech had no chance. Ashley Williams got to the ball totally unmarked. He had a free, unimpeded run.

"Arsenal were cruising in this game and attitude has cost them."

Back in 2004 the Gunners lifted the last premier league trophy after that they came closer but could not manage to won it and this season they are doing the same thing despite they started the season very dominantly but they are now losing their grip.

Last night their (Arsenal) performance show that their absence mentality of champions.

The manager voiced:

"They were cruising and it gave them a false sense of security,"

"This is the reason why I don't think Arsenal have got that killer instinct to win the league this season.

"Everyone is going on about the mentality being difference and the defence being better, but there were no signs of that in this game.

"Everton, just by sheer determination because they weren't playing well, got themselves back into it."