The 59 year old Spanish coach was on a disparaging gammon over the ropy referring of the ISL season 3.

The Spaniard Antonio Habas has lost his first ever match against the Brazilian Zico’s team in the ISL, where FC GOA beat them by 1-0 in the ISL season 3 at their home ground Balewadi Stadium on Thursday.

After they lost their last match against the Garus  they are now are sitting at the bottom of the table with just 6 points, according to the former Kolkata coach in their last match FC Goa caper them in their last match and he was not please with the results.

"In other leagues, you have a couple of shots and score one. Today at least we had four shots, double that number and still don't score. That's bad luck. How many for Goa? One or two. I remember only one save by my keeper, but still,":the 59 old express his felling after his team waste several chances.

In that match on the first half the Brazilian defender Luciano Sobrosa' tackled  the striker Anibal Zurdo in the box and referee did not gave the penalty and the Spaniard thinks that it was a clear foul on Zurdo and he was hugely disappointed with the referring.

"We are putting in double the effort but getting half the result. The first half decision by the referee, simply amazing. No other words but amazing (with regards to) that penalty decision. Anibal should have won that penalty and it's impossible that is not a penalty. Impossible in my eyes. But we cannot do anything about it," he complained.

"It's a penalty for me and I told the referee about it and he said no, so that's it. I won't discuss it no more. I don't want to discuss the referees,":he added.