The 47 year Old Italian manager says that he still remember how Arsenal beta them by 3-0, and he want his players to remember it.


Today the Blues will play a FOOTBALL MATCH against Arsenal in the EPL, Chelsea is sitting at the top of the table, and they are nine points clear from the Gunners.

The former Arsenal player Robert Pires thinks that this match could be decider for the season as only 14 league matches are left in this season.

But the Italian boss wants his crew to maintain that kind of tension that they maintain to win 13th league games after that they face a defeat from the Gunners at Emirates.

Conte added: "Anything can happen,"

"It's important to keep the antenna very high. If someone thinks that the league is finished, I'm not so sure.

"I want to have this tension, this right tension. In the past I fight to win the title and I know we must pay great attention. There are 15 games to play and there are a lot of great teams behind us."

In their earlier match the Arsenal side was 3-0 up against Chelsea in the first half and that forces Conte to break his three man defense into four men.

On this Conte added: "It's important to remember the defeat against Arsenal. It was a bad defeat, 3-0 after the first half.

"And in my mind it's present, it's always present, this defeat. I hope it's also in the mind of my players.


"A lot of things changed now. For sure we are a team. We want to have a good game tomorrow."