After helping Manchester United to win the common shield, it seems like the former Sweden and PSG’s star forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic won’t stop to score goals for the United as he has already scored 3 goals in his two Premier League appearences.


The 34-years-old former Paris Saint-Germain striker has recently joined the English giant Manchester United and already helped the club to win the Common Shield title, also scored on his Premier League debut against A.F.C. Bournemouth.

And recently Ibrahimovic helped United to gain another 3 points as he netted two goals against the Southampton FC.

After the match against Southampton on Friday, he admits that he is happy for the team.

In an interview with Sky Sports Ibrahimovic said, “If the team does good, the individual does good, always,"

"I try to do what I’m best at, create chances, help my team-mates and then score goals.

"I’m happy for the team. Two games, two wins. We are becoming better and better and the first game at home, we win it. It’s a good start – we need to get used to winning because the mental part is important, not just the physical part, so we’re happy.

"We’re happy for the three points and the first game of Paul [Pogba] also, so he needs to settle in and the rest will come by itself."

“I’m new in the team, I’m only here not even a month," he added. "Paul is back at his home but still not with this team so he needs also to get to know the players and I need to get to know everybody and the way we play, the simple things on and off the pitch.

"Eric Bailly and Henrikh Mkhitaryan are also new so we need to get used to the philosophy and the culture. Everything is new, it’s like a big parcel – we need to put the parcel together and then we’ll work through everything.

"It’s a different game here. You don’t get a lot of chances like I did in France which is normal because the game is tougher and you need to work through the game. It’s the beginning, we get to know each other and when the possibility comes we need to be focused.

"For me, if the goal is early or late, it’s the same thing – in the end it’s the three points that counts. If I score, Paul scores, whoever scores, for me it doesn’t matter," he added.