The Italian coach of Bayern Munich dismissed the Suggestion that Vidal Will join the Red Devils side but instead of that he opens the door for another player too.


Bayern Head coach avouched that there is no prospect of Vidal going to join the Manchester United side this season.

Jose Mourinho is looking for a central midfielder in this market and in the recent days the Chilean international has been linked to them,

Questioned asked to the Bayern Munich About Vidal’s future, In reply, he voiced: “For Vidal, there is no way. He’s our player and I have a lot of confidence in him.

“I know there are rumours and we’re used to rumours. He’ll stay with us 100 per cent – I’m confident about that.”

Ancelotti is not clear cut about the Young Portuguese international, and about him, he elucidated: “At this time,

“A move could be a possibility but there is also a chance he could stay with us for the season.”

he’s training with us. We have to make a decision,”

This Season Bayern Munich is unable to start their season Dominantly, as they have faced the defeat against the Arsenal side on Penalties and also they bite the dust against AC Milan by 4-0 goals.’

In their next match, Bayern Munich side will tackle the Chelsea side In Singapore and the Former Blues boss tipped his former side to make a dominant impact on the Champions league.

He Voiced: "They will be competitive,"

"They've made good signings and the team is a better than last year.


"Can they win it? I don't know. Antonio Conte changed the mentality of the team and the style of play."