The 57 year old Italian sees no reason to concernment at the Allianz Arena; despite they are having a winless run in their last three matches.

The manager is adamant that his side is not crisis despite their displease performance in the recent weeks.

In their last three matches the Bundesliga champions did not manage to win a single game under their new Italian manager,in the champions league spanish giants Atletico Mdarid beat them at Vicente Calderón Stadium stadium,and in the Bundelsiga Bayern Munich Draws with  Cologne and Eintracht Frankfurt.

As a new manager the Italian is feeling the heat now but still he thinks that there is no reason to dismay for them.

"I have to stay true to myself. Of course, sometimes I have to be more strict than in other situations, but I am not going to punish the players,:"the 57 year old Italian told that.

"They have to understand what went well and what didn't go well.

"We are not in crisis. It is too soon to say that. There are always difficult moments throughout a season. It can happen in October or in January. It's the same everywhere. But I am confident. Things were going very well until three games ago."

He added: "We have learned that we will not win anything without the right attitude and intensity. The players are very professional and intelligent. They know their attitude was not good enough. 

"I believe in my players, even if they anger me occasionally. In the end, the players are the ones who will resolve the situation.

"We always want do well, but what matters most is that we are top of the table in April. We have to be patient and remain confident."
In their next match Bayern will face  PSV in the champions league.