The Spanish midfielder thinks that his prior club Liverpool is favourite in the clash between them and Manchester united, but he thinks it is important for Manchester united to collect the point at Anfield.

The Bayern Munich man Xavi Alonso thinks that speak out magnitude of the premier league clash with the Red Devils on Monday at Anfield.

Alonso the 34 year old midfielder was a part of Liverpool squad for 2004 to 2009, in this time he has won the champions league with the Reds, now he is with the German league champions Bayern Munich.

The Spanish midfielder played his parts for the Reds
{Liverpool} and against Manchester united in number of times and he knows it was always be the biggest game for the Reds in the season.

"I look out for most of the games," Alonso told Liverpool's website. "But this one especially because of how big it is, the build-up and what it means for both clubs to be successful after 90 minutes, to be the winners.

"It's so important for both teams. It's still early days in the season but it can be a very, very important game. That's a big one in terms of tradition and a big clash.

"Liverpool against Manchester United was our big game of the season, whenever they were coming to Anfield or whenever we had to go to Old Trafford, because the tension between the two crowds was so strong you could feel it on the pitch."

Xavi Alonso thinks it going to be an exciting match between them but he refuse to choose a winner in Monday’s friction between the old antagonists.