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The Juventus head coach believes that now his crew is in a good shape as they are preparing to face Barcelona in the Champions league quarter-final.


The Juventus head coach wants his boys to be ready to face the Catalan side after returning to winning ways in Serie A.

Right now the Juventus are nine points clear than the second place Roma side and that is a sign of relief for them and now they can fully focus on their next Champions league clash against Barcelona squad.
Last night also the Juventus side won their match against the Chievo Side as their main striker Higuain scored the two goals for them.

This Tuesday the Juventus side will host the Catalan side Barcelona in the Champions league quarter-final and but their counterpart lost their domestic league game against Malaga on last night by 2-0.

The Zebre's boss believes that his boys should play a perfect game against them to progress further in the competition.

He said: "We have to believe we can go through,"

"[The defeat at Malaga] is irrelevant, because Barcelona is accustomed to playing [big European games].

"We were coming off a couple of tough games [against Chievo] and it was only natural we'd be a little tired, so in my view, this was one of our toughest games of the season, as we had used up so much energy with [two clashes with] Napoli.

"We are in good shape. Higuain did good work on his fitness levels while on international duty. We have to face the next few weeks with enthusiasm and the desire to go all the way.

"There's no point sitting here, thinking we're playing against Barcelona – we have to play and that is all. From [Sunday], we think about Barcelona, but only because it's the next game – the next game is always the most important.

"When you have Leo Messi, Neymar, Luis Suarez and Andres Iniesta, not to mention the others, it's rare you get an off night. We have to be on point, ready to attack at the right time and defend when it's necessary."

The Juventus striker Higuain scored in his last five matches for Juventus and he is hoping to score against Barcelona as well.