Last night the Serie A champions conceded a late goal against their counterpart, but the Juventus coach believes that their match against the Atalanta is s perfect match to set his players for the Champions league clash.


According to the Juventus head coach, his boys will learn a lesson from their Atalanta match where they have conceded a late goal against the Atalanta side in the 89th minute.

On this Wednesday the Dark horse of the Champions league Monaco will host the Serie A leaders in their home ground for the first leg.

Right now in their domestic league the Juventus side sitting at the zenith position and they are nine points clear than the second place Roma side but their match against the Atalanta side will help them to learn a lesson according to the Juventus supremo.

Allegri voiced: "This match, we need to understand, will be similar to the game against Monaco,"

"They are a team that plays very similarly to Atalanta. We knew that playing here would not be easy.

"A match like this happens, even the players are human. The important thing is to learn from these matches and always remain calm. It prepares us well for the game against Monaco."

In last night’s match when everyone has believed after Dani Alves's goal they have collected all the three points just after few minutes than the Atalanta side scored the equalizing goal against them.

But in that match, the Serie A giants denied from a spot kick by the referee.

About that Allegri said: "The handball by Toloi? I do not want to talk about the incident because it makes no difference,"

"We were in the lead with a minute left and we could not win. The [penalty] incident would be irrelevant if we had played better.

"Usually, Juventus do not concede in this way. For now, we have gained a point on Roma, but we'll have more wins. We are at 84 points and we can get to 96.

"If we had won, we would have given a major blow to Roma. But Atalanta won all the conflicts and in football, if you do not win the conflicts, you do not win."