The Juventus team will play against the Catalan giants after just seven days and the Serie A outfit is set to field a changed squad against their Seire A   counterpart Pescara.


The Juventus supremo labeled the Superstar’s performance against Barcelona as Extraordinary after he scored two goals against the Catalan giants and they won the match by a 3-0 goal against them.

The Argentine striker shows predatory form in front of the goal as they managed to bulldoze the Barcelona side in the first leg.

The Juventus coach said: "Dybala showed his quality with an extraordinary performance. He is a great player and he was magnificent. His finishing was great.

"But I am happy for him as I am for all the players. I'm delighted with the whole lot of them because they really were superb.

"We have strength throughout the squad and that is especially important in this period with all the games we have to play one after another. They all have a big part to play.

"We have done exactly what we were looking to do. We have shown people that we can hold our own in games like this."

On this Saturday the Juventus side will play against Pescara side and the Zebre’s boss is ready to make some changes in the starting lineup.

Right now the Juventus side is sitting at the zenith of the Serie A table and they are six points clear than the second place Roma side with seven games only remains in this season.

In the next week, they will again face the Barcelona side at the Camp Nou stadium and the coach is ready to prioritize the Europe.

Allegri said: "The lads entertained everyone in the stadium and got a good result,"

"There were a lot ofexpectations

around this side to see if they were up to a quarter-final. It was a psychological test and we got a big result.

"But there are 45 days to the end of the season. Right now we haven't won the Scudetto, Coppa Italia or reached the Champions League semi-final.

"We must not get distracted from the reality of the situation because now we have to prepare for Pescara and ensure we win the Scudetto.

"Fortunately I have a big squad and the decisive figures may well be those who didn't play this game.

"Barcelona put six past Paris Saint-Germain, so we know we have a difficult task in the second leg.

"This game must give us more confidence and awareness of what this squad can achieve. It is right to be happy with what we have done, but also to keep our feet on the ground and a sense of balance, as we have achieved nothing yet."


In 1996 the Juventus side lifted their last Champions league trophy.