All India Football Federation : Merge of I league and Indian Super League

The Indian Federation is on the verge of strife the work ability of I league clubs to set a new pathway for the Indian football.

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The (AIFF) All India Football Federation has called and is about holding an executive committee meeting at the constitution club of India in New Deli on 28th of July 2016.

The most important agenda of this meeting would be the merge of the two popular leagues of Indian Football viz, I-Leaue and the Indian Super League will be discussed and probably the meeting end up on a fruitful scenario

Kushal das the general secretary of the Indian football association is expected to counterpart all the important agenda of the meeting and most importantly the merge of the leagues which will come on effect from the season 2017/18.

Topics to be discussed are as under-:

 Kolkata which has Atletico de Kolkata, Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, along with the most trendy ongoing topic such as relegation to and promotion from leagues and a number of clubs playing from a particular city are set to be debated upon.