The world most expensive footballer Paul Pogba has a big respect for the former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, simply known as Sir Alex.


In 2012 the France midfielder has left Manchester United to join the Italian giant Juventus because of the lack of opportunities to play in the United’s first team under the management of Alex Ferguson and recently the new manager of United, Jose Mourinho brought him back at the Old Trafford with a record breaking fee of £89 million. 

The 23-years-old new midfielder has admitted that he never had any problem with Sir Alex instead of that he have a big respect for him( Alex Ferguson).

In an interview when he was asked about his feelings towards the former United’s manager Alex Ferguson,

He said, “Big respect, the greatest manager in football. I don't have any problems with him and I never had any,

"The only problem maybe I had was I wanted to play. Maybe for him it was too early. For me it was too late, I was ready, and that's it.

"I learnt a lot with him too. I will always respect him and I hope to meet him again.

"I always loved United to be honest. I left because I wanted to play and I wanted to show the world, show United, that I was ready to play and motivated to play

"This comeback shows that I left United but part of my head was still here." He added.