The 41 year old English coach cast down the kinky fixture in the league where a team has to play four five matches constantly in a row.


The DSK Shivajians boss Dave Rogers was happy after his team’s performance over the reigning champions, where his team drew the match by 2-2.

The 41 year old English manager could have been happier if his side can win the match against their counterpart in their last match.

The head coach of Shivajians added after that match: "We've just thrown away three points against the champions. I am nonetheless so proud of all my players and for 72 minutes we were on the top against the champions,"

The Shivajians boss thinks that his men should be more focused and particularly in the last minutes of the game.

He added: "We need to cut down errors as we again conceded so late in the game. It's a lack of concentration that cost us these two goals and a victory,"

The DSK Shivajians boss also cast down the federation for that fantastical fixture where one team play four or five matches constantly and ht resounded the statement of all most all head coach’s in the I league.

He added: "As I have said before It doesn't affect us. We would have played the games anyway. What I would like to know is who is the guy who brought out these fixtures. Not just for me, for every football club in the I-League. This is because I have never in my life seen clubs in any league all over the world, having to travel for four away games, five away games. It doesn't make sense. Give us some answers,"

After that match the 54 year old Spanish coach of Bengaluru FC said that DSK Shivajians side played better football than his crew and they deserve to win that game.

He added: "Perhaps today for a long period of the game, they deserved to win because they played better,"

This season Bnegaluru FC is not having a great season so far as they faced some defeats and also they have lost some key player during their injuries.

He voiced: "Just to be honest we came here a little bit down after losing three games. It was difficult for us, also with a couple of injuries we have especially in defense,"