Albert Roca the Bengaluru FC coach said that in today's match the East Bengal FC played the match with long balls and his side is unable to deal with it.


In today's I league game the East Bengal FC side won their match against Bengaluru FC by 2-1,


In that match the 25 year old  Ugandan professional  footballer scored the eualising goal against their opponents in today's match from a set piece.

The coach expressed: "First of all, congratulations to East Bengal for the win. I think it was a nice game for the viewers. Both teams created chances to score. In the first half, we were in control until the goal which came on a set piece. It is a shame because we practised set pieces a lot," 

"In the second half, it was again the same but we conceded some easy counterattacks. Also we have to check the long balls. They created many chances with just long balls. So we did not control the game. Our style of play is to control the ball and play but today it was a clash between 2 different styles. I'm proud of my team. They created many chances so I guess it is natural their coach will say they deserved the win"

In today's I league game the East Bengal FC side won their match against Bengaluru Fc by 2-1,

He voiced: "Our intention was to push up but some of our players were a bit tired and they took advantage of us. But it is true that they had better opportunities before the goal. We need to look at us and resolve what has happened. But my team had a good attitude and they managed the game well. But the other team took advantages of our mistakes in certain moments. That's football."

The Former Barcelona assisntance coach,how ever the former Bengal
uru FC player Robin Singh scored the match winner for the Red and Golds. 

He elucidated:  "Robin was there. He is a good player and he took advantage of our bad moments. Congratulations to him for scoring the goal but I don't think he was the game changer."

"We tried to keep possession even in the second half. That's how we want to play Today was not good for us but we expect to win more games with this style. Of course, we have to keep working,"