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The Manchester City’s striker handed a four match game because of David Luiz tackle.


Few days ago the Argentine Striker Aguero did a hazardous tackle on Chelsea defender David Luiz during their match against each other and for which he saw a straight red card from the referee and also because of that tackle other members of the team and the side line bench players involve in a skirmish on Saturday at Etihad stadium.

After that incident another two players Manchester City’s Fernandinho and Chelsea’s Fabregas also involved in a fight and the Manchester City man grab the Fabregas’s throat during that match and he also earn a straight red card on that match and a three match suspension.

In that FOOTBALL MATCH the away team Chelsea won the match by 3-1 goal in Manchester City’s home ground and they are now sitting at the top of the table and three points clear from the Arsenal.

Fabregas also play some role in Fernandinho’s dismissal, after watching the replay they found that the Chelsea man proved the Manchester City midfielder by slapping him on the face.

Few months earlier the Manchester City striker had experience a three match ban when he elbowed the West Ham’s Winston Reid, and now this is his second time he got banned in this season.

The Striker will miss his team match against following this teams Leicester, Watford, Arsenal and Hull this month.

And Fernandinho will be available for Guardiola form the Hull City match.

The Manchester City manager added: "It's a pity about what happened, we will accept the bans,"