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The 46 year old former Barcelona player and now the head coach of Barcelona thinks that people’s perception can change as Barcelona will put more pressure to their rival Real Madrid in the La Liga.


The Blaugrana coach persists that he is not excited to see their rival Real Madrid straggling in their recent games instead of that he is thinking about his own crew who are going through a bad patch of time.

In the recent past the Real Madrid team managed to win one single match in their five matches and  a few days ago they got knocked out from the Copa del Rey and but it will cost no harm to their title aspirations.

Enrique’s men won their last five matches back to back in all competitions and with these wins, they are managed to close down the gap between them and the group leaders Madrid.

At the La Liga table Real Madrid is sitting at the Zenith position with 43 points and the Catalan side is sitting in the third spot with 41 points.

Though the Barcelona coach is happy with his boy’s performance in the recent games, but he feels that there will be lots of ups and downs will come before this season’s end.

In an interview he told: "It's amazing how you guys [in the press] change your opinions. A few weeks ago it was as if it was a disaster [for Barcelona].

"We try to keep a level head. There is a long time to go this season. Of course all managers like winning runs, especially for big teams; we need to get runs together. We are having one and hopefully it will continue. But there are teams ahead of us so we need to keep winning.

"Obviously for Barcelona or Madrid to triumph [in the league] then you need the other team to struggle, that’s what happens when things are tight between you.

"But we can only control our game. I go back to what I said earlier, there's a long time to go and let's not overdramatise things. At the end of the season we see how each team has done, who has the most points."

The Barcelona coach belies that his team’s resurrection to be put under the microscope at Betis.

He added: "It is a different team to the one we played earlier in the season,"
"They've had a change of manager – [Gus] Poyet played here with five defenders and that's not normal for them.

"They're adapting to Victor [Sanchez]'s new system, they don't play the same system as before. The fans are behind them and they are a team on the rise at the moment. They will cause us plenty of problems.

"Our idea is to go to win three points – that's all we can do. It really doesn’t make sense to focus on other teams if you don’t win your own games."