3 Ways Barcelona Can Gain Power In Europe Again


Spanish La Liga giants Barcelona started their 2019-20 season on the worst possible note. They lost their opening game 1-0 against Athletic Bilbao. Their worried times started in the preseason itself.

Despite signing some big names, the Catalans had a mixed preseason. New big signings like Antoine Griezmann and Frenkie de Jong failed to leave their mark in the Bilbao game.

Barcelona have recently faced troubles whenever Argentine talisman Lionel Messi had remain absent. The attacking upfront composed of Luis Suarez, Ousmane Dembele and Griezmann lacked potency.

Fortunately the year-long season has just begun and Barcelona will have enough time to correct their mistakes. However from their recent performances it is pretty obvious that they are now shadow of their former selves.

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Here are 3 things that Barcelona must do to become one of Europe’s top teams again:

3. Sacking present manager Ernesto Valverde

Image Courtesy : EN.AS

The case of the Spanish manager is very much tricky. Although he has given two La Liga titles in his two seasons so far, yet there is something missing in his approach. This missing link is Barcelona’s performance in Europe.

Many might think the 3-0 collapse at AS Roma two seasons ago might be a fluke. However what happened in the earlier season at Anfield will prove otherwise. Losing once can be okay, but twice after taking commanding leads is unacceptable.

This proves that Valverde has struggled to hold his own during high stakes. Although the former Bilbao manager has given two domestic titles, but the Catalans deserve far more than that.

Moreover during the tenure of Valverde, the footballing style of Barcelona has been languid and uninspiring. Barca should once again challenge everyone and become a superpower in Europe. But for that Valverde is not the right man to lead.