The Famous David Beckham Tattoos

David Beckham is a quite familiar name amongst football fans, he first came to the knowledge of football fans when he made his debut for the English giants’ Manchester United, and since then he has established himself in the football world and married a spice girl and now the father of four children’s, the superstar is popular among the football fans not only because of his football brilliance but also for his amazing hairstyles and is amazing tattoos.

David Beckham tattoos are quite famous and he is addicted to tattoos as well, with more than 50 tattoos he has in his body.

Though each and every single tattoo have its own meaning and own definitions.

So here we present the best 20 David Beckham Tattoos:

1.David Beckham Tattoos: Victoria and Love: On his left hand the former Manchester United star Inked adoration and on his other hand he inked Victoria which deliver and exquisite script text style and picture of swallow beside it.

2.David Beckham Tattoos:Roman Numeral: in the year of 2006 David Beckham got the hold of this tattoo on his right wrist, after he got hitched with Victoria Beckham in a secret ceremony, The Roman tattoos indicated the marriage date which was 8th may 2006, and this considered to be very significant for the couple.

3.David Beckham Tattoos: Pray for Me: On his right twist the former AC Milan man inked the Petition god for me among the mix of different pictures on his right arm. This tattoo was motivated when he left his boyhood club Manchester United for Real Madrid, just adjacent to it he has inked typical piece which indicates the grave disquiet which he feels about going to L.A Galaxy.

4.David Beckham Tattoos: 99: On a dark textual style he inked the Number 99 on his right-hand finger which symbolizes that that year went decent for the English man. In the year of 1999, the English heartthrob got married to the love of his life Victoria Beckham and also in the same year he helped his boyhood club Manchester United to win the treble.

5.David Beckham Tattoos: Love Birds: In 2011 on his left arm he inked Love birds and got a swallow beside to it which mirror the image of a family of love and dependability, in the same year there was a latest addition in his family her little daughter, his neck tattoo of harper affirms of his little angle.

6. David Beckham Tattoos: Latin phrase: On his left side arm the footballing icon brandishing another tattoo within both of his arms, his arm tattoos indicated so I love and cherish, this particular tattoos got inked just beneath the Victoria Tattoo.

7.David Beckham Tattoos: Jesus and Harper: The Jesus ink showcases that the football icon being lifted out of the tomb of cherubs. Cherubs represented his three sons and when his daughter came into his life he engraved her name above everything.

8.David Beckham Tattoos: Brooklyn: The Brooklyn is the first ink that the Footballing master blaster went through, in 1999 he made it on the lower back of his body it is very attractive to look and it also inked in a very stylish manner and it was made after his son took birth whose name is also Brooklyn.

9.David Beckham Tattoos: Victoria Beckham: David Beckham confess his love towards his beloved wife Victoria Beckham by engraving a tattoo of her name in his left arm, Beckham Inked the name of his better half in Sanskrit.

10.David Beckham Tattoos: Angle sleeve: After got the allegation with a relationship with Rebacca Loss, in the year of 2004 David Beckham Inked the Angle Sleeve Tattoo on his right arm, the star thinks everyone has their own way of expressing their thoughts and he does express his thoughts by inking Tattoos, in that face also there is something written that in the face of diversity to express his sorrow.

11.David Beckham Tattoos: Guardian Angle: in the year of 200, the English star man inked the Guardian tattoo on the upper side back of his body, this Tattoo emphasis the protection to his son Brooklyn’s name which got inked just below the Guardian Tattoo, this shows his love and affection to his first child.

12.David Beckham Tattoos: Chinese Alphabtes: on his left rib cage he inked some Chinese motifs which depict: “Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honour depend on heaven”.

13.David Beckham Tattoos: Romeo: David Beckham always proves that he is a ideal father and, to maintain his streak to it he inked his second Son’s name Romeo on his upper backside are when he born , he inked his name just above the Guardian who by now will support though his long stretching wings.

14.David Beckham Tattoos: Ribs Jesus: after the death of his grandfather Joe West, David Beckham inked this tattoo on his right ribs area and describing Jesus on the way to his cross.

15.David Beckham Tattoos: Left Arm Victoria Tattoo: in 2007, David Beckham engraved his wife Victoria Beckham’s tattoo on his left arm, it was the mirror image of Victoria Beckham’s photo shoot picture which he liked alot.