10 Players Who’ve life drastically changed after Football

3.Emmanuel Eboue:

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The story of the former Arsenal man Emmanuel Eboue is real Rich to the broke story, the former Ivory Coast international was a star player for the Gunners from 2004 till 2011 before moving to Turkish league to Galatasaray.

In his time at Galatasaray, he got banned for one season for failure to pay his agent and he also took early retirement from the sports because of his consistency health problems and later the superstar lost all of his money to his former wife after their woeful divorce case, and the superstar also expressed that the situation went so depressed for him once he thought about committing suicide as well.

 2.Diego Maradona:

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This man indeed a true footballing legend, Diego Maradona was named the FIFA’s man of the 20th century and played for clubs like Barcelona and Napoli and made his mark over there and also for his country he single-handedly won the prestigious world cup in 1986 but he was a character who was always surrounded by controversies in his career.

During his time with Napoli, the superstar had a history of not paying taxes to the Italian government and the Italian government convicted him 2009 and demand to pay his tax amount of  $54 million, which put him in an inflatable situation and he forced to file bankruptcy.