10 Players Who’ve life drastically changed after Football

5.David James:

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During his prime time, the former English goalkeeper David James was one of the most celebrated goalkeepers, in his illustrious career the superstar has played for many big English clubs like West Ham, Liverpool, Manchester City, and many other clubs.

The superstar has earned well in his playing days and he was also part of the English team as well for quite a long time and also participated in the 2010 world cup with his team but later after his retirement, the superstar’s finance took a downward spiral following an expensive divorce with his former wife and it was a time he announced himself bankrupt and also auctioned some of his properties to balance out the situation and now he able to revive his career with Punditry job with many sporting channels.

4.John Arne Rise:


The former Liverpool left-back John Arne Rise is another example who got broke after his retirement from the football, The dashing left-back was one of the best during his time with the Liverpool club and also he is the one who has won the 2005 Champions League trophy with the Liverpool club.

 In his career Financial crisis started when he was failed to pay $150,000 debt and was dragged to court and also he faced another problem when he had a misunderstanding with his agent and eventually due to that misunderstanding he ends up giving $5 million to his agent and became bankrupt.