Normal for Mbappe to think of me as a grandpa: Buffon

The  veteran goalkeeper avouches that there is no problem with the PSG star thinking of him as a father figure and fells that their relationship have grown thanks to their friendship.

Buffon is happy to be the grandpa of Mbappe.

Former Juventus man Gianluigi Buffon says that its absolutely normal that the PSG wonderkid think of him as a father figure or as a grandpa, and he thinks its a part of the fabric of the life.

This season the 41 year old Italian international joined the French capital side for a one year deal and along with him he has brought his wealth of experience from his career.

His age was the punch line to a small joke that the French youngster made when he celebrated his birthday in January, the PSG man twitted: “Happy birthday, Grandpa Gigi. An immense honor to have this opportunity to rub shoulders with you and learn by your side everyday.”

The Italian kepper has no problem with Mbappe’s humour, he understands having been in Mbappe’s position as a brilliant young player who trying to get acceptance from his seniors.

Buffon says that his relationship with the French international is solid as both of them found a common ground between them.

“I’ve experienced so many wonderful things in my career. Firstly as a young, adolescent, cocky player who was surrounded by older players and my mission then was to be accepted by them.

“Then as a young man, and lastly as an older man who meets a young man who was just like me when I was the same age.”

“This is all part of the difficulties of life, and you understand how different people’s opinions are, and by changing your point of view over time you see how things can be different. But I must say it’s all part of the rich fabric of life.