Pogba is not Kante:Yaya

The former Manchester City midfielder believes that Jose Mourinho failed to bring the best out of the French midfielder in his time at United.

Pogba is playing now at his full strength under Solskjaer.

The world cup winner Paul Pogba is thriving under the new Manchester United manager after he replaced Mourinho at Manchester United in December.

The Norwegnier become the first Manchester United manager to win his first six games in charge in all competitions, following their victory against Tottenham he has achieved that feat.

Under the new caretacker manager the center midfielder has scored four goals and also amde four assists in five league matches.

This is a sharp contrast of his performance under the new manager and earlier under the special one , under Mourinho he got sidetracked and got engaged in number of public disagreement with the former manager.

The former Ivorian international believes that the new United manager is doing a great job by setting out his team in a formation from where he gets the best of Pogba.

Toure said: “To be honest, I think part of it is he has more belief in his manager and his manager put himself in the situation,”

“He’s the boss; he has to push his teammates further. And he has the qualities to do that because I think when you see the World Cup in Russia, it was a big example.

“You caught some clips of him talking to his teammates in the dressing room. It was amazing. He was looking like a basketball player, trying to give a nice speech.

“He’s the type of player who wants to have that connection with his manager, being trusted by him and telling him to push. Feeling the love. I loved that. That’s good for United and that’s good for the fans because this kind of player always has to shine, they have to show their quality.

“I think, to be honest, a player like me, I just want to give more, produce more and I like the challenge. Sometimes it is very, very difficult to be able to deliver at your best position at the best qualities. Because you can’t say to go back to be like N’Golo Kante. It’s impossible.

“But what he can deliver is – when you see him at Juventus in the past, you see a lot of quality. He can shoot from far, he can dribble, he can kick passes like you saw this weekend against Tottenham. It’s what the fans want and it’s what a club like this are paying him for.”