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Who is World cup star Iker casillas ex wife Sara Carbonero?

The Sun

Iker Casillas wife Sports writer Sara Carbonero Arévalo was born in Spain on February 3, 1984. She worked as a TV host for Telecinco beginning in early 2000 until she relocated to Porto, Portugal when her ex-husband Iker Casillas joined Porto in July 2015.

How is the career of Iker Casillas ex-wife Sara Carbonero going on?

The Guardian

She began working at Radio Marca as an intern as a third-year journalism student at the Complutense University of Madrid; six months later, she was employed. She joined Telecinco as an editor and sports presenter in April 2009.

Together with two friends, she founded the clothing business quick love in 2015, which sells apparel, accessories, and cosmetics online.

Iker Casillas wife debuted as the anchor of the “Quiero Ser” fashion TV show on Telecinco in July 2016. (I Want to Be).

The American issue of FHM named Carbonero “The Sexiest Reporter in the World” in July 2009.

How did the Real madrid Goalkeeper iker casillas and Sara Carbonero meet?


While the official sports commentator was working with Real madrid in 2009, she met the former goalkeeper for the first time and that is when the friendship started.

How was the marriage ceremony of Sara Carbonero and World cup star Iker casillas?

Iker Casillas wife
The Miror

Iker and Sara wed on March 30, 2016, after spending six years together.

In Boadilla del Monte, a neighborhood of Madrid, they were married.

The only attendees during the ceremony were the two witnesses and their two-year-old kid.

In the summer, the couple had a special party for their family and friends to celebrate.

Have Sara and Iker split up?

Sadly, the couple announced their separation and went their own ways in March 2021, after spending 12 years together.

How many children does Iker Casillas have?


Prior to their nuptials, Iker Casillas wife Sara gave birth to their first son in 2014.

In 2016, the year they were married, they then welcomed their second son, Lucas.

Was Iker casillas and Sara Carbonero part of a controversy in 2010 world cup?

It was claimed that Iker Casillas wife Carbonero’s reporting during the match between Spain and Switzerland during the 2010 FIFA World Cup distracted Casillas and led to the surprising Swiss triumph.

Less than 60 feet from the goal, where Casillas was,Iker Casillas wife Carbonero and her TV team were positioned close to the Spanish side of the field.

The allegations were published in the English media, first by Graham Keeley of The Times and then by a number of other English publications.

The Madrid-based Spanish newspapers El Mundo, El Pas, and the well-known sports daily Marca all published articles suggesting that the allegations were absurd and untrue.

Does the couple suffer from health issues?

Iker Casillas wife Carbonero had undergone surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from one of her ovaries in May 2019 and made a good recovery from Ovarian cancer.

Three weeks after the surgery, Iker casillas suffered a heart attack during a training session at Porto.

Although Carbonero declined to corroborate media allegations about her health, she was once again hospitalized in February 2021 for what was thought to be another procedure connected to cancer.

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