How Messi is promoting Inter Miami without even stepping onto the pitch

Considered by many to be the greatest footballer of all time, Lionel Messi is known all over the world. His popularity in the world is such that only another mega-star football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, can compare with him in terms of the number of subscribers in social networks. The team that signs Messi gets world celebrity and Inter Miami can now enjoy the club’s growing popularity around the world.

Football is a game that is popular all over the world and football stars of the first magnitude are well known everywhere, from Antarctica to the Arctic, from Africa to America. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is only one person on the planet who surpasses Lionel Messi in terms of the number of subscribers – Cristiano Ronaldo. But Messi’s 478 million on Instagram could well surpass Ronaldo’s 595 million in the future as Messi has moved into a much more digital championship where he still has room to grow his followers.

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Inter Miami is America’s Most Followed Sports Club on Instagram

When it was announced on June 7 that Messi had become a player of Inter Miami, the number of subscribers of the club’s official Instagram increased from 900 thousand to 4.5 million. Over the next week, Inter’s social networks gained another 6.7 million subscribers, beating the NBA’s Miami Heat, which also played in the finals against the Denver Nuggets, in popularity.

And finally, just recently the inevitable happened – Inter Miami became the most followed American sports club on Instagram, beating all the famous NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL franchises. Inter outnumbered the New York Yankees by three times and the New England Patriots by two to one.

But Lionel Messi still has not even entered the football field, and Inter is still trailing among the outsiders of its conference in the MLS, with a fairly illusory chance of getting into the playoffs this year.

Messi’s presence boosts club’s marketing revenue

Similar anomalies were seen in Paris Saint-Germain when Messi joined the club in 2021 – the Paris-based club immediately amassed 5.6 million followers, making it the third most popular in the world after Barcelona and Real Madrid. According to Forbes, during his time at the Messi club, PSG rose from an estimated value of $4.2 billion to $4.8 billion, opening many new stores selling club merchandise around the world.

In Miami, they hope that the effect of signing Messi will affect Inter Miami even more, since the club has not yet been popular outside the city, and its stores were neither in Europe nor in Asia – the main regions where football players earn money. clubs. There is no doubt that David Beckham, as one of the first media superstars in the world of football, will be able to monetize Messi’s presence at the club and earn millions from it.

Inter need improvement on pitch

It is important, of course, for the greater success of Messi and Inter to win on the football field, because the club has already invited Messi’s favorite coach Gerardo Martino, who won the MLS championship with Atlanta in 2018 and worked with Messi in the Argentina national team and Barcelona. Messi will also bring his comrade Sergio Busquets with him from Barcelona, and the club hopes to sign a number of experienced European players in the near future to create a powerful axis in the squad that can provide the team with winning results.

Messi, of course, is a player who is able to score alone, with minimal support from partners, at least from free kicks, which he masterfully performs. But as Cristiano Ronaldo’s experience in Saudi Arabia has shown, without the support of partners, even the greatest player is not able to regularly ensure results alone. Al-Nasr Ronaldo was unable to surpass Al-Ittihad in Saudi Arabia as the team’s results were often disappointing even when Ronaldo scored.

It is clear that purely football results are not as interesting to the owners of Inter as the financial and status effect of the presence of Messi, but Lionel himself will probably not be very comfortable being in a team that is not able to compete for the MLS title, therefore, in the near future time to expect improvement in the results of the team. Messi himself plans to make his debut in the new team on July 21 in the League Cup match against the Mexican Cruz Azul – on that day, one should probably expect a new jump in the increase in the number of Inter social media subscribers.