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Who is the wife of Chelsea legend didier drogba Lalla diakite?


Didier Drogba wife Lalla Diakite, who is over 30 years old, is a stunning woman. While caring for her husband and children, she has maintained her young appearance.

Lalla wants to showcase her natural beauty rather than wearing a lot of makeup. She has clean skin, and the right parts of her hair frame her face. She is also Amadou Toumani Touré’s niece, a former president of Mali.

What was the relationship between Didier Drogba and his wife Diakite Lalla?

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Didier and Lalla first met at a football game, where he fell in love with her right away. For Didier, it was love at first sight, but not for Didier Drogba wife Lalla.

Before consenting to be his girlfriend, she had him pursue her for a very long period. Nevertheless, they had already met in Paris before the football game.

He worked really hard for her and eventually got married to her. Didier Drogba said winning the four Premier League titles, Champions league, Ballon D’or and playing for Ivory coast was much easier than winning her.

Didier Drogba considered the circumstances ideal despite the pursuit. He advocated working hard for the things one values.

Isaac, Kieran, and Iman, the couple’s three children, were born. Kevin, a son from Lalla’s previous union, exists.

The most important people in her life were her spouse and kids. She needed Didier to stay in his brain and concentrate on his profession. She never made him follow her religion or do anything else.

Although Didier Drogba wife Lalla is a Muslim, she never pressured Didier to follow her faith. The catholic Didier is. Throughout their partnership, the pair sought balance.

While Didier Drogba wife Lalla took care of the children, Didier played football. They were the picture of a picture-perfect pair since their relationship was going great.

Has Lalla made big sacrifices for the Chelsea legend Didier Drogba?

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Didier Drogba wife Lalla Diakite abandoned her dreams to help her husband. The WAG lifestyle was incompatible with her desire to study and practice medicine.

Didier Drogba wife Lalla had to spend time by herself because she was a footballer’s wife. She had to relocate as well due to her husband’s job changes.

Didier Drogba wife Lalla did not moan about it, in contrast to most WAGS. She has stated that she does not have a favorite location. Instead, she sought solace wherever her spouse was. Her devotion to her spouse and sacrifices are admirable.

Why did the couple split up?

He was compelled to issue a statement stating that his relationship with Lalla was finished after sexy pictures of him and an unidentified woman caused a stir.

The images and videos quickly gained popularity on social media.

And they displayed the bare-chested Blues legend cuddling up to a young girl who was practically nude.

Didier Drogba wife gleefully sinks her fangs into Drogba’s shoulder in the movie, which a spokesman said had been hacked, as he cries out in agony.

He then appears to say: “She’s optimistic! He then continues speaking to her in French about getting bit. She’ll bite me and spread the disease!

In his native West African nation, that made news.

And as a result, he finally broke his silence and acknowledged that he and Lalla, who was born in Mali, had parted ways.

rogba wrote on Instagram: “I’m not in the habit of discussing my private life.

“But, because of speculation in the media today, I can confirm that sadly, after 20 years together, Lalla and I took the difficult decision to separate last year.

“We remain very close, and our main priorities have been to protect our children and our family’s private life.

“May God bless you.”

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