Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend flaunts her body in a bikini Top


During a get-away on the sun-soaked island of Mallorca with her sweetheart Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez gives an exceptionally busted show in a tight white swimsuit top.

At the point when Georgina Rodriguez posted her latest photograph dump to Instagram on Saturday during a radiant excursion to Mallorca, it sent hearts hustling.

The 28-year-old ex-deals right hand performed curvaceously while taking a hot selfie on a rich boat while wearing a tight white swimsuit top. She shared a photograph of football player Cristiano Ronaldo respecting the sea while wearing dark swimming shorts, alongside their five children and sweetheart.

In a subsequent shot, the WAG streaked her legs in a white smaller than normal skirt, which she collaborated with a gold tank top and matching pail cap.