10 Players Who’ve life drastically changed after Football

In today’s world, sports icons are not only famous to the world but they are also one of the money power giants as well, in the world of sports the superstars are earning a mammoth amount of money from the field of sports and also they are into sponsorship and many other businesses of their own which makes them one of the superpowers in this world.

In the last couple of years, the game of football gained massive popularity around the world, the influx of money in the game of football enhances the popularity of the game and this also led to the massive increase in the salaries of the footballers.

Footballers now have a net worth around more than $100 million and they got luxurious cares and wonderful villas to their names, though with the increased salary the players were also undergone a hectic season with their respected clubs nowadays, with the increased demand of the sports also get more competitive and players gave their everything to prove their worth in the team and get that amount.

Though it is also true that each and every sports person they got very limited time to play at the highest level in their career, the average time span of footballers is between 10 to 15 years, and in this time period many players are not able to rotate their money well and after hanging up their boot they turn out to lead a miserable life, and on the other side many footballers were there who didn’t manage to put their mark in their playing days for the club and for the fans but after putting the curtain to their career they did exceedingly well in their career.

In this article, we will discuss those players who broke down splendidly after their retirement and about those who reignited their careers after hanging up their boots.

 Five Footballers who went to rags after retrieving from football:

5.David James:

During his prime time, the former English goalkeeper David James was one of the most celebrated goalkeepers, in his illustrious career the superstar has played for many big English clubs like West Ham, Liverpool, Manchester City, and many other clubs.

The superstar has earned well in his playing days and he was also part of the English team as well for quite a long time and also participated in the 2010 world cup with his team but later after his retirement, the superstar’s finance took a downward spiral following an expensive divorce with his former wife and it was a time he announced himself bankrupt and also auctioned some of his properties to balance out the situation and now he able to revive his career with Punditry job with many sporting channels.

4.John Arne Rise:

The former Liverpool left-back John Arne Rise is another example who got broke after his retirement from the football, The dashing left-back was one of the best during his time with the Liverpool club and also he is the one who has won the 2005 Champions League trophy with the Liverpool club.

 In his career Financial crisis started when he was failed to pay $150,000 debt and was dragged to court and also he faced another problem when he had a misunderstanding with his agent and eventually due to that misunderstanding he ends up giving $5 million to his agent and became bankrupt.

3.Emmanuel Eboue:

The story of the former Arsenal man Emmanuel Eboue is real Rich to the broke story, the former Ivory Coast international was a star player for the Gunners from 2004 till 2011 before moving to Turkish league to Galatasaray.

In his time at Galatasaray, he got banned for one season for failure to pay his agent and he also took early retirement from the sports because of his consistency health problems and later the superstar lost all of his money to his former wife after their woeful divorce case, and the superstar also expressed that the situation went so depressed for him once he thought about committing suicide as well.

 2.Diego Maradona:

This man indeed a true footballing legend, Diego Maradona was named the FIFA’s man of the 20th century and played for clubs like Barcelona and Napoli and made his mark over there and also for his country he single-handedly won the prestigious world cup in 1986 but he was a character who was always surrounded by controversies in his career.

During his time with Napoli, the superstar had a history of not paying taxes to the Italian government and the Italian government convicted him 2009 and demand to pay his tax amount of  $54 million, which put him in an inflatable situation and he forced to file bankruptcy.


The most decorated and skill full player to play the game of football, the Brazilian magician won the heart of million fans with his dancing feet, and he was the complete package for the football fans with his tricks and glamorous lifestyle outside the field.

In his career, the superstar has won the FIFA Ballon d’Or award and also along with that the Champions League and with his country, he won the FIFA world cup in 2002.

He had all in his career which a footballer wants, but recently it was reported that the superstar only has £1.75million in his bank account and as he and his brother were fined for illegal construction in their home town in Brazil.

Now in this other half of the article, we will look at that player who became Mega-Rich after retiring from Football:

5. Asamoah Gyan:

The former Ivory Coast international is a well-known player in the football galaxy, who played three world cups with his country and also played in the English Premier League as well in his career, and he is a kind of player who has managed to launder his hard earn money such a manner now he owns many companies in his country.

The superstar has invested in Boxing promotions, Planes, Buses, Real Estate, Petrol stations, and many more.

4. Robbie Flower:

The former Liverpool man who scored 183 goals for the club and after his career he managed the Brisbane Roar has become Millionaire with the tactical investment he has made during his career.

The former Liverpool man followed the footsteps of the English legend Michael Owen and invested into horse racing and now he owns a sports promotion company, and as we all know Real Estate is something which can give you a good ROI in your future and Flower exactly does that and reports suggests that right now Robbie Flower owns more than 100 properties in northwest England and his net worth is above £30 million.

3. Ramon Vega:

Many of you won’t be able to recall this name as despite being the backup goalkeeper in the Tottenham team behind Sol Campbell and Ledley King he was also part of the English team during the 1994 world cup and 1996 Euro cup.

In the year 2003, at the age of 31 Ramon Vega announce his retirement from football and following that from earning  £15,000-a-week, now his net worth is around £20 million, After putting curtain to his footballing career Ramon puts his focus into investments and in  Finance.

 Ramon Vega’s Asset Management and  Private Equity firm control more than £650 million of his clients, once in his career he even though of buying Portsmouth in 2009 and also ponder to running FIFA president in 2015.

2. Thomas Gravesen:

Thomas Gravesen caught the limelight when he moved from Everton to Spanish giants Real Madrid in his career but even ditching football he has his moment in his life.

 The former Danish moved to Sin city after retiring from football at the age of 32 and made some crucial investments over there and now he is owning more than £100 million from his investment and he also has a house beside the tennis legend Andre Agassi and the Oscar winner  Nicolas Cage and now he moved back to his native land and became and football Pundit.

1.Mathieu Flamini:

The former Arsenal and AC Milan midfielder who joined a biochemical industry and became the business leader in the market with his partner  Pasquale Granata, Right now the Frenchman has built his company worth  $28 billion, and his biochemical company produces  Levulinic acid, from the plant wast which helps in the creation of plastic.

It is not the end here, the  Frenchman has also released the world’s first magazine on eco-sustainability and created a new university degree on bio-economy.