Why is Online Gambling is So Popular in Australia

    If it is one recommendable place for being enthusiastic about online gambling, it is Australia. Online gambling is at its all-time peak in this country. Merely, there are two reasons behind this. One is the availability of fantastic internationally acclaimed online gambling platforms accessible in Australia, where players can play anytime and anywhere. And the second big reason behind online gambling’s colossal success in Australia is the vast array of luxurious prizes offered by the online casinos.

    Gambling is a big thing in Australia which makes the country top the list of highest gambling rates worldwide, followed by many European countries.

    Australians have always had a knack for trying out their luck in casinos, proven by the presence of many land-based casinos in their country. But when the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm, they started to prefer the online options for gambling rather than the land-based ones. This has significantly raised the number of online gamblers in Australia.

    According to recent reports by trusted organizations, the crowd in every online casino Australia has risen by 67 per cent over the past couple of years, with the highest being recorded in March and April of 2020.

    Interestingly, the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act Australia has made it a bit topsy-turvy for gambling websites and platforms to offer services in the country. Still, things have changed as betting emerged as a fruitful industry all over the country. And the credit for this goes to every Australian who loves trying out their fortune in the betting world.

    It is still a mystery whether the mammoth rise of online gambling is due to the tradition of gambling in Australian culture or mere enthusiasm for it. However, experts assume that it is a blend of everything along with the exquisite market strategies of the online gambling sites that attracted Australians effortlessly.

    If we go through the 2014/15 Australasian Gaming Council’s report, an average Australian drops nearly $1200 (AUD) yearly on gambling. This shows that Australia is undoubtedly the world’s gambling capital.

    To view the craze for online Gambling among Australians, Ireland holds third place in the list of countries that love gambling the most, where every player, on average, spends only around $600 in online casinos. What about the United States? Each player there spends roughly about $400 every year.

    Poker is a game widely enjoyed all over Australia, their most preferred online gambling game. It is called “pokies” in Australia.

    Australians spent around a total of $21 billion (AUD) on gambling in 2014, where $11 billion went to poker. Inspiring worldwide inflation during the pandemic, Australia’s online gambling industry has shown a steady growth altogether. And surveys suggest that the transition will be even faster during the 2021-2027 period.

    In 2019, according to the Queensland survey reports, the gambling figure rose to $225 billion (AUD). And this figure grew by almost 80% within a couple of years.

    The wide variety of options is certainly a driving force behind the craze of online gambling in this country. Surely, they can access online betting websites that are appropriately licensed, provide the widest variety of games, promise their players to give numerous bonuses and promotions, and offer several banking and payment options for easy and safe deposits and withdrawals. And the competition in online betting websites in Australia is very engaging and intense as many players play simultaneously.

    According to 2018-19 reports, over 500,000 Australians used to bet, especially on sports on land-based and online betting platforms. In that particular year, almost 2 million bets were placed in Australia alone. Aussies bought 9 million lottery tickets that year, creating a substantial national revenue of over AUD 250 billion. By the end of 2021, these numbers significantly increased by 40-60%, covering all gambling sectors. By the end of 2020, the number of online gamblers in Australia increased by 100% compared to the previous year, 2019. Interestingly, the industry for land-based casinos has not suffered huge losses due to the emerging market of online gambling. It has also shown significant growth but not as heftily as the online sector.

    It is not only in Australia where online gambling is gaining vast popularity, but it is becoming a new big thing worldwide. Experts suggest that the overall online gambling market will generate more than $100 billion by 2026. Ireland, USA, Netherlands, and the EU are the countries where online gambling is enjoyed the most.


    Online betting has become a significant source of enjoyment and recreation for Australians. As we already suggested earlier, the gambling industry may grow to three holds within five years. Not only in slots and games like Baccarat and Poker, but Australians are also showing tremendous interest in online sports betting as ever. Indeed, Australians love gambling extraordinarily, and other countries are keeping up the pace.