What is the variance of slot machines, and do rabona casino players need to know about it?

    All fans of gambling seek not only to have fun, but also to benefit from a material plan, if possible. Each slot machine in rabona casino has its own percentage of «return», which is taken into account by the gambler when choosing the right one. But there is such a thing as «variance» or «volatility». But what do these terms mean, and should they be considered?

    What is dispersion in online slot machines ?

    In simple terms, the concept of «variance» is the risk of a slot machine in rabona casino. The indicator can be low, medium or high. The percentage of return to players is completely different. Volatility or variance has nothing to do with how much, on average, the percentage of return in a certain slot machine is laid.

    Slots with a high variance index are characterized by a low hit frequency. It turns out that combinations are made less often. But if they appear, then the win will be significantly higher if you compare it with winning in a slot machine with low or medium variance.

    Usually, the games offered in high volatility slots are complex, and many players who are primarily focused on entertainment do not choose them. However, wins can be high – up to 1,000 from the starting score.

    Slot machines with average variance are those that can give different prizes in their size. Suitable for those who are looking for something in between. It is worth noting that most of the modern slots have an average level of volatility.

    If the dispersion level is low, the hit frequency will be high. When spinning the reels of a slot, the user notices many winning combinations. But their «cost» is low. However, they are suitable for gamblers who don’t like risk. Thanks to the game on such machines, it is possible to maintain the game balance at the required level.

    Is it possible to calculate the variance of an online slot machine on my own?

    Players, especially beginners, do not understand whether a particular slot has a high, medium or low level of variance. Developers often do not specify this characteristic, such as, for example, the percentage of payoff. But volatility can be calculated independently. To do this, you need to find a paytable by game. It is worth comparing the winnings that are obtained by compiling various combinations. Then it is worth comparing the amounts that a player can get for one spin, having three identical symbols on the same line. It is also worth paying attention to the amounts that are obtained when combined with four or more symbols.

    Then it is worth analyzing the information received. If the difference in payments is quite high, then with a high degree of probability, the slot machine belongs to the category with high variance. This will also mean that most of the winnings are free spins or bonus games.

    But, of course, it is best to check the volatility indicator by choosing one of the machines in online rabona casino. For an experienced player, in a few minutes it becomes clear what level of risk the slot has and whether he is ready to go for it.

    Newcomers to online rabona casino tend to prefer slot machines with low or medium volatility. Such slots will allow you to enjoy the game, but at the same time not to worry about anything. If the level of variance is high, then it is unlikely to justify the hopes of a stable game. But there are situations when a person intentionally wants to hit the jackpot. In this case, slot machines with a high level of variance are the best suited to him. But in this case, it is worth taking care in advance that the bankroll is able to withstand a long game.