Online betting laws in India

    Gambling activity appeared in India a long time ago. It has been developing for centuries since the British brought cricket or horse racing to the country.

    However, since 1867 the situation has changed dramatically. This year, the first gambling law was released. He has completely banned any gambling activity in the country, including sports betting. Since then, new acts have been issued that regulated gambling at various stages, including in the financial sphere.

    Despite this, there was a division of sports games in the country into games of skill and luck. Moreover, there were no clear criteria for how to distinguish one game from another. So, cricket is considered a game of luck. For this reason, betting on it is prohibited. While horse racing is a skill game and bets are openly accepted.

    Top legal betting sites 2022

    According to plusbet website, there are several excellent legal sports betting sites. All of them have a license that confirms their international status, as well as safety, reliability and legality. Moreover, all of them have a number of advantages and are aimed at the Indian market. just select a site and start the game:

    1. Betway;
    2. Casumo;
    3. 22bet;
    4. Bet365;
    5. Rabona;
    6. 1xbet;
    7. Parimatch;
    8. Melbet;
    9. Leon bet;
    10. Pure Win.

    How to choose a legal platform for betting?

    When we choose legal betting platforms, we are guided by some basic characteristics. Among them are such items as:

    1. Mandatory availability of a gambling license;

    Before you start playing with a bookmaker, make sure that he has information about his license. As a rule, all top platforms post this data immediately on their website. If you have not found such information, then do not use the site.

    1. View all the advantages of the bookmaker;

    Studying the advantages of the platform will help you understand more about what the site is good at. Many top bookmakers offer excellent terms of use. This includes a wide payment system, many sports events, unique bonus offers, the availability of a mobile application for iOS and Android, an effective support service that is available at any time, and so on.

    1. Also, review all reviews and ratings;

    This will help you learn about how the site works from the inside. Also, real reviews will make it clear what problems the bookmaker has.

    Rights of state to define their attitude to gambling and betting

    Another feature of Indian legislation regarding gambling entertainment is that each state has the right to decide for itself how it treats legalization. That is, the states have the right to decide for themselves whether to allow them to bet on sports or not.

    At the same time, not so many states strive to do this in full. Only two states of Sikkim and Goa have partially legalized some types of gambling. Otherwise, so far this process is very slow.

    What is now with online betting in India?

    With the advent of the Internet, sports betting became more and more in demand. The practice of online betting spread all over the world. Including in India. Moreover, the legislation of the country did not react to this in any way. Various online gambling platforms have sought to enter the Indian market, as Indians have no other option for a legal way to place bets.

    To be more specific, the Indian legislation does not say anything about the ban on foreign online platforms. There we are talking only about the introduction of this kind of business directly in the country. This means that it is quite legal to place bets on such sites.

    Cricket betting

    Betting on cricket is something that Indians are ready to do forever. The platforms that offer their services in this country strive to make the conditions for betting on this sport as good as possible.

    Online bookmakers offer all possible events in both domestic and international cricket. Also, you will find unique bonus offers for important events, for example, the Indian Premier League 2022. These are also high odds and variations in the types of bets. Everything you need for a comfortable online betting India.

    Prospect for legalization 

    If we talk about the likelihood of legalizing gambling entertainment in the country, then this is not expected in the near future. Moreover, there are no prerequisites for even this topic to be discussed.

    It is undeniable that legalization will bring many advantages to the country. Including an additional source of income for both the state and the players, new jobs, interest in sports, and so on. However, so far there is hope only for individual states, which have the right to legalize certain types of gambling entertainment.


    Is online sports betting legalized in India?

    In India, nothing is said about online betting and online gambling platforms. There is no law that prohibits the use of the foreign online platforms. Therefore, you can use them without any problems.

    How to choose a legal sports betting platform?

    This can be done by checking the availability of a gambling license from a bookmaker. Also, after studying all the advantages and pluses and checking reviews and ratings, you can understand the quality of the bookie.

    Which sites are better to use for betting in India legally?

    We recommend platforms such as Betway, Casumo, 22bet, Bet365, Rabona, 1xbet, Parimatch, Melbet, Leon bet, and Pure Win. All of them have a license, excellent benefits and good reviews and ratings.

    What is the probability that gambling will be legalized in India?

    at the moment, there is no reason to believe that gambling will be legalized in the near future. As you know, each state itself has the right to decide how it treats betting or casinos. So, more and more states will gradually legalize this type of entertainment.