MMA Betting Strategies in Bangladesh: How to Place a Bet

    Mixed martial arts (MMA) is rapidly gaining popularity not only among ordinary sports fans, but also among the clients of bookmakers. They offer wide lines and favorable conditions.

    How to increase the chance of success?

    A bet can be successful if you learn a few basic rules. The first is knowledge of the rules. You can’t succeed in any sport if you don’t know the rules, conditions, and other important information. The second is knowledge of statistics and data analysis.

    In addition, it is important to choose the right bookmaker who will provide favorable conditions and convenient use. Study the betting line before starting the game. After a Jeetwin login, you can access all the features and start betting on MMA.

    Bets on the victory of the wrestler against the striker

    In MMA, basic wrestlers and jitters (those who practice jiu-jitsu) predominantly dominate in strength over classical drummers.

    If the betting line has relatively equal coefficients for the victory of the wrestler and the striker, then we recommend betting on the first. Such a betting strategy should bring profit over a long distance. Note that it is also important to familiarize yourself with the style of the basic wrestler:

    • if a fighter in the stalls constantly strives to carry out a painful or suffocating submission or knock out an opponent, then it is worth trying to bet on an early victory;
    • if a fighter prefers not to take risks and just controls (lays down) the opponent in the stalls, then it is better to bet on winning by a decision of the judges.

    Betting on outsiders

    Surprisingly, there is often a statement on the web that MMA is a predictable sport and that there is nothing better than betting on favorites. This is an incorrect statement: such a long-distance strategy will drive you into the negative.

    In MMA, the fate of a fight can be decided by just one precise blow to the jaw. Apsets in mixed martial arts occur at almost every tournament. Based on this, we recommend betting on the victory of outsiders and selecting coefficients in the range of 2.5–5. Quotes above 5 will have too small a chance of success.

    Criteria for betting on outsiders

    Before betting on an outsider, it is necessary to analyze the following factors:

    • fighting style: it is desirable that the underdog be a basic wrestler or jitter;
    • training camp: if the outsider, unlike the favorite, has passed a full preparatory camp, then this is a serious help for future victory;
    • the results of recent fights.

    Why is it important to watch the weighing procedure?

    The wrestler’s weigh-in procedure, which usually takes place a day before the tournament, can tell the player the winning bet. Often at this event, it becomes obvious which participant is the best bet to defeat.

    Athlete’s race weight with one goal: to be heavier than their opponent during the fight. To do this, the fighters go on a diet before the fight, regularly visit the sauna, and refuse water. As a result, they lose about 10–15 kg to get into their weight category, and after weighing themselves, they eat and drink as much as possible in order to make up for the lost kilograms as much as possible. This is the hardest test for the body, and it is often possible to observe how the fighters are in a pre-fainting state from dehydration. It is obvious that the athlete will not be able to fully recover after the fight. These nuances can be used for a profitable bet in a bookmaker’s office.

    Another aspect also needs to be taken into account: fighters do not always manage to lose weight by the set time. Some promotions take part of the athlete’s fee as punishment, but they still allow him to fight. In this case, the fighter will have a mass advantage over the opponent during the fight. It makes sense to make a bet on the victory of this participant in the meeting.