Virushka Has Heartwarming Plans For World Cup 2019

Image Source : ibtimes

Indian skipper Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma got married in December 2017. The couple is lovingly known as Virushka and they are one of India’s favourite power couples.

Since their low-key marriage in Tuscany, Virushka has given some serious couple goals. They have always made efforts to make time for one another. Recently they were seen together in the Australian Open.

During the tournament both the couple had the privilege of meeting tennis legend Roger Federer. The Indian skipper always credits his wife for making him calm and more dignified.

On the other hand Anushka always makes sure that she supports Kohli in every possible way. She has also accompanied his husband in almost all his matches. As a result Anushka will also accompany Virat in World Cup matches in England. However she will not do that in typical WAG fashion.

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Virushka will travel to stadium separately

A source close to the couple said, “Anushka has been the perfect partner supporting her husband at all his key milestones. Virat too has always gone out of his way for his beloved wife. Virat is captaining India for the first time in a 50-over World Cup tournament. Anushka wants to be there to root for him and see him lift the World Cup. But what the couple is planning to do there is truly commendable. It just shows how supportive they are to each other and how they are actually each other’s better halves.”

“Anushka will be travelling to England to be a perfect pillar of strength to Virat. But she might not be going to the stadium with him. In fact, she wants to go separately to watch the matches and cheer the loudest for Virat. It seems Anushka would be hiring her own car and bearing all costs to visit the stadium separately. And there’s an extremely heartwarming reason behind this decision. They have discussed the huge media attention that is bound to be there for the World Cup. So both want to keep all distractions at bay,” the source added more.

If the information is correct, then this is really a heartwarming and commendable decision. Anushka’s decision to travel separately shows the maturity of the couple and also the poise that has turned them so strong together.